Lee Eason


As a self taught coder, Lee has spent the past 18 years learning about the craft of software development by just doing it.  He has worked in various roles in marketing, education, healthcare, and financial technology companies.  Lee is currently the Director of DevOps at Ipreo where he has been leading a transformation for the past three years.

"I went to college to learn how to teach history.  I'm as surprised to see my picture on this page as anyone." -Lee


Michael Durling


Michael brings to Tekata over 30 years of experience architecting, developing, and deploying embedded real-time systems, business/workflow automation software, and highly scalable cloud-based SaaS applications and APIs. Michael has held prominent Engineering and Customer Service positions at a number of Telecommunications, Logistics, Research, Marketing, and Broadcasting companies over the course of his career.
“Over the past 3 decades I have witnessed technology advance faster than the teams that create it; We aim to help change that with the Tekata platform” -Michael