Q. how often will you update tekata with new features?

A. Daily


Q. Free is great, but I like the service and I realize you have bills.  How will you make money?  

A. We deeply appreciate your concern.  There are revenue generating features on our roadmap.  Some involve us partnering with training providers or hiring agencies.  In these cases we'll help you get discounts on training or connect you with the ideal hiring agency.  No matter what, we will never share your data without your knowledge and consent.  Other revenue may come from a subscription service geared towards larger organizations and some nifty things we can help them with, such as ROI tracking for training dollars they spend.


Q. Why a martial arts design theme?

A. Lee Eason grew up in karate and martial arts, so he's pretty passionate about it.  Unlike things like stars or letter grades, denoting rank with a belt as if you were a student in martial arts carries with it the implication that you have valuable ability regardless of rank and are continuing to learn and advance.  People understand that a student in a karate school who is an early belt is hard at work on improving.  That just rings much more true than putting a label on a person like "3/5 stars."  


Q. Will team members ever get an overall score that ranks them across teams and skills?

A. We can't imagine a scenario where we'd want to do that.  Every individual on your team has value.  It would be the height of hubris to think we could apply a number or score to that person and have even a hope of being accurate and not deeply insult them.  

The algorithm that gives a team a grade works by thinking about the best interest of a group of people in a limited context working towards a specific outcome.  Your Tekata team score has no meaning for that group outside of their workplace.  We wouldn't want to apply a score to a member that they might mistakenly take with them outside their work and into their personal life.  

Finally, we don't think there's any value or reason to do that even within the context of Tekata.  It just doesn't add any value to the goal of helping the team get better.  So, no.  No scores for an individual.


Q. what technology stack does tekata run on?

A. The frontend is written in React + Redux and hosted in S3 through Cloudfront.  The backend is written in Python on the Chalice framework and hosted in Lambda and API Gateway.  


Q. How can I give feedback to the tekata team?

A. There is a feedback link in the header within the application.  You can also reach out to us on twitter. @Tekata_io


Q. How can I help spread the word about this great service?

A. We like where your head is at.  Please tweet to us @Tekata_io or just tell your friends about us and use the hashtag #Tekata.