Build Healthy Teams


Your business is transforming.
 Your teams aren't keeping up.


Whether you are adopting agile practices, DevOps, or refactoring your legacy applications, the skills your teams need to be successful are constantly changing.

The studies show:  

  • 9 out of 10 of teams don't have a healthy distribution of critical skills and expertise, resulting in key person dependencies and bottlenecks.

  • Only 3 out of 10 teams are aware and working to fix the problem.

  • Affected teams will fail to deliver on time, suffer from morale problems, and have trouble planning work.

  • The overwhelming majority of people on your team will stay with your company longer and be more engaged if given the chance to learn and progress.

Tekata is here to help.  With Tekata, you will:

  • Create a skill gap analysis.

  • Visualize key person dependencies.

  • Find bottlenecks.

  • Then target training and hiring where it will do the most good and use Tekata to track your progress.


On average, teams using Tekata improve their score by over two full letter grades.


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Evolve your team


How Tekata works

Tekata helps you make sure critical skills and expertise are in place so your teams can be successful.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 9.02.29 AM.png

Define the skills your team needs, then subjectively rank your members for each skill.  Tekata will grade your skills and team and help you identify areas that need improvement.  With that insight you can target training and hiring to fill the gaps and drive improvement.  Come back and update Tekata as often as skill ranks change.


Skills are what you need

You can add common skills like JavaScript or C#, as well as the custom domain areas that a team is responsible for.


Model teams and options

Technology organizations are constantly evolving.  Use Tekata to help you see how adopting new tools and technologies affects the health of your teams and impacts their ability to succeed.

S&P Global

"Our agile transformation depends on building healthy teams and Tekata gives us a way to track that like never before.  We are excited to see how it evolves to do more for us."

Mary Thorn Consulting

"I believe in creating teams that have all the right skillsets to deliver the  best  value and products for my clients customers. Tekata fills a gap that has been a nagging problem in technology companies for a long time.  My customers appreciate being able to put teams together that they can be confident will be able to operate efficiently."

"Tekata gives us the ability to structure teams around work streams, and quickly see where we need to focus our internal training and what skills gaps we need to cover so we can plan around employee vacation and attrition.  We even use it during our interview process to help assess team fit."

Gavin Rossouw, CTO of Wealth Migrate